A year ago, the possibility was discussed within the BGI, to provide the organization with a musical composition that would come in handy for both Balms Abogados and BGI. After one of the bi-weekly work meetings of Balms Abogados, during our Happy Hour, turning to various issues and chatting about the divine and the human, Juan Luis Balmaseda de Ahumada, founder of Balms Abogados and Balms Group International, the first international network of associated and independent Law Firms, commented with Francisco Lorenzo Martínez this idea as a project that should become a reality in a short or medium term. A anthem for Balms Abogados and BGI, which in some way transmits the principles of the Balms family, their spirit of unity, teamwork, sense of family and international vocation, at the service of our profession and our clients. This initiative was also supported by other firms, members of BGI.

The project taking place, although relegated to daily activity. As always, the urgent leaves no time for the important. Like any project, it has its time and moment of hatching, in which the sensitivity for creativity perhaps finds the best opportunity or favourable moment for the situation, yes, with the invaluable help of the muses, in this case, of Euterpe, muse of music according to Greek and Roman mythology.

And this is when Covid-19 appears, at that moment of confinement in Europe and the rest of the world, mid-March, when Jean-Christophe Bouchard and his partner and wife Sarah Lugan, managing partners of NMW Law (BGI France and BGI Switzerland ), propose the initiative of making a common project to make a video with images of all BGI members in the world, with photos of our different situation teleworking, confinement, intermediate measures, etc., depending on the circumstances and actions of each city, country or continent. A fun idea, in which, taking advantage of the fact that all BGI BGI members have the polo shirts that have been made during almost thirty congresses that BGI has held, both in Europe and in America.

And that's when this project takes place. Merging both ideas we propose to edit a video clip with our anthem and the entire Balms family celebrating the beginning of the end of the crisis and confinement with a message of joy, hope, optimism and highlighting the values and principles of Balms Group International and of Balms Abogados, and the entire Balms family.


The composition begins in its first bars with the sound of horns and trombones, which announce a message that soothes the soul and gives it rest, as well as vigour and confidence. These sounds have always been used throughout history for this precisely, announcing something important that must require listening and attention from the listener. There are many texts in which great messages are preceded by a sound of this type of instrument.


Standing together, to achieve the same dream,
defending and facing the truth.
We´re all committed, providing the world
beating adversity.

Cause our vocation, we´ll keep hope alive
your freedom it´s our destiny.
All of you dreams will become a reality.

This is our identity
BGI is a true family.

You´ll dream again
open your heart
let’s walk again
don´t look back at your fear.

You won´t hold back
it´s never too late
you must believe
in everything you do.

Let´s stand up with courage,
strength and some talent
don´t you ever feel discourage
be grateful for what you´ve done for us,
we´ll always be by your side.


Special mention in our anthem receives the Balms Foundation for Children , the most supportive project launched by the firm. It is a project full of enthusiasm, dedication and affection and based, fundamentally, on providing children with problems with an education that allows them to face the future with guarantees. To this end, the Balms Foundation for Children has been collaborating for more than 19 years, in projects of education, assistance and help to children in countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Peru, Congo and Senegal. Because at Balms Abogados we are convinced that only education can get children from today they are the pillars of the future of all these countries.


At Balms Abogados we believe that music is a value in itself, alive and dynamic, that transcends and transcends the borders of the known, of the perceptible and that delves into the unfathomable of our being, alive and dynamic, that transcends the borders of the known, of the perceptible and that delves into the unfathomable of our being, taking us away and taking us to other forms or dimensions in which our senses belittle.

In this sense, all of us who are part of Balms Group International, present in 27 countries on five continents, have launched this initiative that aims to highlight our common values through music. It is a collaborative project that seeks to enhance the sense of belonging of the entire team and adherence to a project focused on commitment to our clients and based on professional ethics. From Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Zambia, Algeria, United Kingdom, South African Republic, France, Tunisia, Greece, Romania, Gibraltar, Austria, Cyprus, Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mexico, Panama, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, UAE o Russia, each and every one of us who is part of the Balms Group International shares the same values and we have found in music the most favourable way to put them in common.


Both the music and the lyrics are the work of Francisco Lorenzo, associate lawyer at Balms Abogados as well as a great musician and composer.

Family of who was the Queen of the Cuplé, Olga Ramos. Her second cousin, the daughter of famed songwriter Olga Ramos, the artist, Olga María Ramos continues today to spread and interpret the musical genre of Cuplé successfully throughout the entire world.


All music video production, mastering and editing is done as a family, where each and every person that appears is a member of Balms Group International Balms Group International and where partners, associates, juniors, secretaries, lawyers, economists, prosecutors intermingle, social graduates, and where, on some occasions, their children and their spouses also appear with them.

The mixing and mastering have been carried out by Álvaro Aguado, sound engineer and son of Julio Aguado (Senior Partner of Balms Abogados and partner and member of the Executive Committee of Balms Group International) and the recording of the videos has been carried out by Carlos Badiola, tax advisor of Balms Abogados and Antonio Cintrano, cousin of another tax advisor of Balms Abogados.
As always, everything in family.